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Most relaxing
Never known more relaxing time in these awful times. Staff certainly work for their money remaining friendly and helpful at all times. Meals fantastic, entertainment 5* plus in my opinion. Five singers in the team, beautiful voices, from ABBA to Les Miserables.Fantastic backing band, comedian hilarious. Well worth coming for. Older bands, the Barron Knights, The Dreamers, Edison Lighthouse for those of us older ones. Couldn't have come to a better place. Booked to bring 85yr old and friend in March.

First visit to a Warners hotel
Our first trip to a Warner's hotel and will definitely return! Stunning grounds, great location and comfortable room and excellent quality food. Entertainment was brilliant-both the in house entertainment team and the guest acts. Special mention to Angelo and Miro in the Restaurant, thanks for your great service guys. Also special mention to Rob who took us through our rifle shooting session with great patience and humour after only having just completed his training as an instructor. October is a beautiful month to visit and see the stunning autumn colours.Thanks for a great break- a real tonic during these strange covid times!

Nidd Hall Break
We were at Nidd Hall last week - very different but had a great time. Limited porterage. Masks must be worn in corridors but you are allowed to remove them obviously in the bar and dining room. There is a one-way system for the dining room. After handing in your name etc you are shown to a table and it is a waiter service. Sometimes spot on and sometimes a bit slow. Depended where you were sat really. Both dining and entertainment were done in 2 sittings, so there was plenty of space between guests. Quizzes, shooting, archery, and quite a few films Entertainment 4D's, Rollo, and 2 Warners shows - all good. The swimming pool was open, but changing rooms are not. You are handed a towel and then you have to go back to your room in the dressing gown provided. If you are in a signature room, take a bottle opener for the soft drinks. Warners are working so hard at avoiding Covid, that we felt safe.

The perfect escape from the rubbish currently going on in the world.
Friendly staff throughout the hotel. Sue in the terrace tea rooms was lovely. Chatty, friendly and really funny. She was exactly what we needed as we tumbled in for a coffee fresh out of the rain.
The food at both breakfast and our evening meals was wonderful. It was hot, there was a great choice and the staff in the dining room were exceptional.
Hats off the entertainment team who are all very talented people. They are managed well and this is apparent in their polite manner and wonderful stage presence.
The live lounge at 4:30 on Thursday with 4 members of the team gave us a very intimate and personal performance from
Each member and duets too. It felt like they were singing directly to us and made us feel warm and very welcome.
I would recommend this hotel to anyone, any age (not just for the oldies) and of any status.
Michael is a proper northern soul, cheeky, rosey cheeked and polite without fault.
Lauren is a talented lady with a wonderful stage presence and beautiful smile.
Peter left us all shook up with his Elvis song and was so charming.
Sarah’s voice blew our socks off and left us wanting more.
Well done to their manager, pure talent throughout.

Thank you Warner, thank you nidd. See you again soon.


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